Mind Body Myotherapy is owned and operated by one of the most experienced and gifted myotherapists in Australia.

Glenn Bowen has 20 years practical experience as a Myotherapist and has worked with the North Melbourne Football Club, lectured in Myotherapy for 11 years and treated professional international tennis players and Olympic athletes.

Glenn has a unique ability to uncover the source of his client’s symptoms. As a visually impaired Myotherapist, Glenn has developed increased sensory perception that allows him to have a greater sense of touch. Glenn has a greater sense of the tensions and strain within client’s bodies.

Glenn has a genuine passion for assisting people to function at their best. His length of experience dealing with clients has resulted in the finding that the musculoskeletal system is significantly affected by emotional, mental and/or physical stress. This is also known as the mind-body connection which is well understood and now scientifically proven.

Glenn engaged in further study to educate himself about these concepts qualifying as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He has found that treating the mindset and emotional causes as well as the physical symptoms has created faster and more effective results for his clients.

Passionate about merging a combination of the manual therapy of Myotherapy as well as the latest neuroscientific techniques to bring about faster recovery and prevention of injuries means Glenn’s clients can return to full pain free function in the quickest possible time.

Combining his great rapport with people, his experience and passion for healing and results based therapy means you are in great hands.